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Latest Results
Sat 28th Mar 2015 Print E-mail

Event: Men's Stableford
Overall: Graham Badrock (14) 41 points
A Grade: Roger Williams (18) 38 points
B Grade: Ernie Vanderwert (23) 39 points
NTP: 3rd Mark Foley; 11th Chris Hall; 16th John O'Shea

Event: Ladies' Stableford
Winner: Marj Orgill (28) 34 points
NTP: 3rd Robyn McGrath; 6th Robyn McGrath; 11th Marj Orgill; 16th Bernie Fitzgerald

Thur 26th Mar 2015 Print E-mail
Event: Men's Stableford
Winner: Mark Frost (23) 39 points
Runner Up: Dennis Pangrazio (22) 36 points
NTP: 3rd Richard Beck; 6th Max Cherry; 11th Peter Clough; 16th Don Grimes
Wed 25th Mar 2015 Print E-mail

Event: Ladies' Stableford
Overall Winner:
 Allison Gilbert (16) 38 points
A Grade: Jenny Richter (21) 34 points
B Grade: Jean Barber (24) 28 points
NTP: 3rd Carol Burgess; 6th Allison Gilbert; 11th Carol Burgess; 16th Yvonne Kelly

Sat 21st Mar 2015 Print E-mail
Event: Men's 4BBB Stableford 
Chris Hall (7) & Bernard Neville (17) 45 points
Runners Up: Dennis Pangrazio (22) & Graham Badrock (14) 44 points
NTP: 3rd Bernard Neville; 6th Chris Hall; 11th Ashley Laurenson; 16th John Walsh

t: Ladies' Stableford
Winner: Carol Burgess (14) 37 points
Runner Up: Jane Canning (32) 32 points
NTP: 3rd Marj Orgill; 11th Robyn McGrath; 16th Carol Burgess
Wed 18th Mar 2015 Print E-mail
Event: Ladies' Stableford
Winner: Jan Magdeburger (31) 33 points
Runner Up: Ann Borschmann (35) 33 points
NTP: 3rd Allison Gilbert; 6th Marj Orgill

Event: Men's Stableford
Winner: Nick Wowk (21) 35 points
Runner Up: Max Cherry (14) 33 points
NTP: 3rd Max Cherry; 6th Norm McIntyre; 11th Max Cherry
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Mon 16th Mar 2015 Print E-mail
Event: Veterans Stableford
Winner: Ian Browne (20) 38 points
Runner Up: Alistair Mackeggie (23) 35 points (c/b)
NTP: 3rd Don Grimes; 6th Sandra Tabe; 11th Ian Pagon; 16th Glenn O'Connell
Sat 14th Mar 2015 Print E-mail
Event: Men's Stroke - Monthly Medal
Overall Winner: Nick Aloizos (21) 69 nett
A Grade: Peter Clough (7) 70 nett
B Grade: Graham Badrock (16) 72 nett
C Grade: Mark Foley (22) 73 nett
NTP: 3rd Peter Clough; 6th Luke Taberner; 11th Chris Hall; 16th Colin Richardson

t: Ladies' Stroke
Winner: L. Bond (33) 66 nett
NTP: 6th Allison Gilbert; 11th Marj Orgill; 16th Allison Gilbert
Thur 12th Mar 2015 Print E-mail
Event: Men's Stableford
Winner: Alistair Mackeggie (23) 39 points
NTP: 3rd Sam Morrell; 6th Glenn O'Connell; 11th Alan Ferrari; 16th Glenn O'Connell

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